“One dot at the time”

kr.750,00 inkl. moms

Unika håndmalet kunstpotte

Kunstner: Stine Jylov, 2020

Oliemaling på genbrugspotte, Lakkeret.

Kunstpotte/ Art pot

Title: "One Dot at the time"
Artist: Stine Jylov, 2020

Unika, håndmalet / Unique, handpainted
Oliemaling på genbrugspotte / Oilpaint on recycled pot


Du kan kun sætte én prik ad gangen. Koncentreret, fokuseret, beslutsomt. Kigger du væk, rammer du ikke skiven. Sådan er livet - Stine Jylov

Kunstpotten er en del af  kunstserien: Life tales - potter, der alle har fået nyt liv gennem kunsten.


You can only place one dot at a time. Concentrated, focused, determined. If you look the other way, you will not hit target. That  is life - Stine Jylov

The art pot is part of the art series: Life tales
Pots that have all been given new life through art.

The artwork is created on the basis of a recycled material, traded in the many recycling stores, which every day do a huge job so that we can buy cheap recycling, protect the environment and they can  make a difference for different vulnerable populations.

Therefore, 10% of the sales of this jar goes back to these aid organizations. - With this jar, 10% of sales go to the Blue Cross, which makes a great effort for children who have alcoholism and alcohol close to home.